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"Flexible" fashion leads to win-win, a "fine and beautiful" yarn exhibition successfully concluded!

Date of publication:2019-03-13 | Number of visits:3703

The spring breeze of Shanghai has come, and the green willows on the shore suggest the arrival of spring.

From March 5th to 7th, Tiansai Textile was exhibited at the Shanghai International Fashion Yarn Exhibition in 2019. Thanks to the professionalization, internationalization and one-stop shopping convenience of the exhibition platform, Tiansai Textile Yarn The exhibition platform displays all the products, enabling us to open up the market and understand the industry information and development trends.

【Shanghai World Expo Exhibition: New and old friends are here.】


As the source of the development of the textile industry chain, the development of green ecology, especially the research and development of innovative technologies, is of great significance to promote the sustainable development of the textile industry and the whole society. Innovative research and development capabilities are not only the core competitiveness of an enterprise, but also an important guarantee for building a textile power.


In this exhibition, Tiansai Textile Company took all the products to participate. After years of development, the company has accumulated a large number of proprietary technologies and key processes, and has a strong core competitive advantage in the market.


In the international yarn exhibition Tiansai Textile Exhibition Hall, there are a lot of audiences, including new customers attracted by our novel yarn color and art sample, as well as old customers who have long maintained cooperation. Our managers are full of enthusiasm for each new and old customers who come to the booth carefully and in detail!


At this exhibition, Tiansai Textile Co., Ltd. has carefully prepared different products according to the needs of different customers for the yarn. According to the customer's industry demand positioning and product quality differentiation, it gives customers high, medium and low-grade recommendations. In this exhibition, Tiansai Textile innovative products have been well received by customers.

Looking to the future

15 years of entanglement on the velvet

Not woven into a spring, summer, autumn and winter,

15 years of immersion in color

Silently, it was dyed to a cloudy day.

Along the way, suddenly look back,

It seems to be inadvertently

Friends have arrived and started to talk cordially...

When each order is passed to each other

we know,

Carrying trust and responsibility,

Tiansai Textile has to go a long way...

I look forward to meeting you again next time.

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